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As of July 2015, our office has moved to 5015 Madison Ave. Sacramento, CA 95841.  The office is located in the heart of the Russian speaking community near the intersection of Madison Ave. and Auburn Ave.  Our neighbors are Firestone to the right and Target to the left.  We are within walking distance of other fine Slavic businesses including Good Neighbor, Gastronom Kiev Market, Gabriel Travel, and Venice Furniture, just to name a few places that have been in the neighborhood much longer than we have.  The office should be easy to find with the large “Attorneys” sign in Russian on the front elevation as well as the One Day Bankruptcy logo on the side monument sign.WebsiteAfter many address changes in the past seven years, we are hoping this will be our final destination.  I started my bankruptcy career working for two of the largest Bankruptcy law firms in Northern California, first on Cadillac Drive from 2008 to June 2010 and then moving to G Street in downtown from to 2010 to 2012.  After gaining much experience during the peak of bankruptcy filings, I decided to start my own firm.  The firm officially opened July 2012 where I saw clients right out of my house.  For an entire year I met with clients inside my home to save on costs to allow me to open up my first real office the following year on Watt Ave.  There I worked and the business grew and thrived for an additional two years.  But the time has come where I needed to purchase my own office so that I can be fixed in one place for the remainder of my career and never have to worry again about rising rents or being asked to move because the landlord has a different use for the property in mind.

Over the years of I have helped thousands of clients, but I am especially thankful to those clients who braved into my house during that first scary year on my own.  I am thankful to the clients who took the time to find me during that early transition and those who migrated to my office despite having invested time and money into my former employers.  I am thankful to the clients who understood that I could provide better service to them on my own rather than hiring secretaries, paralegals, even when I had briefly interrupt our consultations to speak another client on the phone.

The move to 5015 Madison was not an easy one.  It took over a year to obtain the permits and to actually complete the remodel.  I am especially thankful to all the people that worked on the remodel to get it to completion.  Special thanks to my real estate broker and general contractor, Steve Becker; my plan designer Dasha Gusev; my two engineers: Andrey Yevtushenko and Andre Baranov, the window installers at Sacramento Windows, Inc; Artur Raileon for the window tinting, Dmitiry Latyuk for sheetrock, doors, and trim; Struk Construction, Inc, for the disabled access travel path, Tamara Domashuk for janitorial, Boris Karamalak and Nikolay for fence and cement work; Timofey Samusenko for the floors, painting, and fence work; Jeff Stewart for the signs; Jason Morrow spray foam insulation; Jose Ruiz blow in insulation; Wayne Bolt for the air conditioning and duct work; Dan Quinn for floor demolition, and my make shift crew of young men for general labor: Alex Kukhta, Alex Andreyev, Andrey Kalugin, Ivan Dragni, Julian Kozmo, Oleg Shevchenko, and Ricky Macaluso.    Of course, last but not least, I am grateful to my father, Arkady Shmorgon who did all the electrical work free of charge.  He worked at my project while holding down a full time paying job at Gallo Winery in Livingston, CA.  He also pushed forward and helped despite undergoing a partial knee replacement surgery at the start of the year.

For those considering filing for bankruptcy or just want to stop by the new office you are welcome to call 916-640-7599 to setup an appointment.  If you are interested in leasing office space we still have few places available so feel free to give me a call as well.   If you have questions or comments you can always write me as well at shmorgonlaw@gmail.com.

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